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Learning how to fly fish is easy ……..if you receive the right advice.
We use unique teaching methods to make learning to fly fish easy and fun. These are not bulk courses – class numbers are purposely restricted so that each individual receives plenty of personal tuition.
There is a course to cater for all levels of skills and experience. These include introductory courses for beginners, casting trouble shooting and advanced casting techniques for the more experienced. All instructors are experienced fly fishers and have undergone comprehensive training and testing to ensure the best possible learning experience.

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Click here for information on a CXI Experience (Christmas Island, Republic of Kiribati)

Kiritimati (pronounced Christmas) Island is a virtually unspoilt and pristine utopia for flyfishers looking for the excitement of casting to bonefish, triggerfish and GT’s in shallow water. It may not have the biggest bonefish but it is arguably the best location in the world for sheer numbers.

You  can rely on our 15 years of experience as the appointed control booking agents as well as hosting groups and fishing this amazing fishery to ensure you have a trip of a lifetime

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