A Different Approach for GT Flies

I’ve come to the conclusion that attempting to cast 10 inch long bulky GT flies any distance quickly and with accuracy in windy conditions should be left to the experts. A recent incident where an estimated 40lb GT hammered a 3in long polarbean fly on a 3/0 hook got me thinking about the appoach we have been using. It seems that, if a GT is in the feeding mood, they will take anything that is presented in the right spot. The opportunities are often fleeting and they will spook easily if a fly is presented poorly in the wrong position.

Consequently, the requirements considered for a suitable fly are aerodynamic design that will sink to get into the fish’s eyesight, be easy to pick up to allow quick repositioning and one that sheds water quickly making it easier to cast some distance without the need for a lot of false casting.

These are the patterns chosen to meet the above requirements. The top 3, designed by Paul van Reenan and called Super Clousers, are tied using Steve Farrer flashblend material on 2/0 and 4/0 Gamakatsu SL12s hooks. An added advantage of the design is that it is less likely to foul in shallow water. The bottom fly uses flashblend for the tail and an EP brush wrapped for the head area.