Progress on CXI Team’s preparation for the World Championships

The team is confirmed as Eketi (Team Captain), Beia, Toanikarawa (TK), Kirimento (Menty) and Taatoa. The reinstatement of Eketi to the team will be a huge benefit as he was on the 2014 team and knows the basic format so will be able to assist greatly in the team organization.

The plan is have the team arrive in Tasmania on 15th November. Accommodation has been secured at Penstock Lagoon for the two week training period. It is a shame that it will be closed for fishing as it is designated as one of the competition venues. They will move to the Launceston accommodation on 30th November, participate in the competition until 8th December and return to CXI on 10th December.

The competition will be conducted over 5 days on foot in two rivers, the Meander and Mersey and out of drift boats on 3 lakes, Penstock Lagoon, Little Pine Lagoon and Woods Lake. More details on the event can be viewed at

Already, Alfie Kither who will cater and cook for the team has started organizing some equipment to help with his job …talk about keen.  Peter Woods has volunteered to tie the majority of the estimated 900 flies that will be required. He will also be on hand in Tassie to tie or instruct the team members on tying any top-up patterns that may become necessary. To date $800 has been spent on the procurement of materials to support his endeavor.  Jim Williams has also come on board and he will act as Team Captain. His experience in competition fishing and the local Tassie conditions will be invaluable during the 2 week training /assimilation as well as during the competition.

We are grateful to the organisations that include Essential Flyfisher and Mayfly Tackle who have sponsored rods, waders, boots and vests. This has taken a big load off the amount of funds we need to raise to bring the team to Tasmania. The majority of the generous cash donations made by individuals has gone towards a lot of the other equipment/materials the team will require that is not sponsored. This has been purchased as it became available at attractive prices. The list includes wet weather gear, cold weather gear (jackets, gloves and thermals), socks, team uniforms (consisting of jeans, embroidered team shirts and caps) as well as bags to transport their gear.  I have purchased 5 x 10ft nymphingrods, 15 Redington reels, 25 Rio flylines and 15 flyboxes. These will be sold off at the competition end so watch out for some good prices.

See the list of current sponsors in post –

Obtaining information about paperwork for the required visa applications has been a nightmare but finally a glimmer of light. The problems arose from the need to lodge applications on line and not all the information required to do so was on hand. After finally contacting the Dept of Home Affairs to clarify the forms required to submit a hard copy, it is all systems go. The form 1419 (17 pages long) will be completed by team members when I’m on CXI in August and lodged with the Australian Consulate in Suva on return from CXI. Hopefully the issue of the visas with then be smooth sailing.

This is not a cheap exercise. To enable these guys to make it to Australia, there is still a lot of work to be done not the least of which is raising some additional funds to assist with their trip. The estimated cost of the team trip is $40,000. Even though the Lodge has contributed sufficient funds for airfares (about $10,000) and entry fees ($11,250) additional funds are required to assist with visa applications, catering, transport and accommodation during the training period as well as offsetting some of the expenditure already incurred for the expendable clothing gear purchased.

To give them the opportunity to experience life outside of Christmas Island and fish for trout will be something they will talk about for years to come. This was the case for the five guys who attended the Commonwealth Championships where, all things considered, they acquitted themselves very well .

This time, we will be far better prepared and the team will have appropriate intense preliminary coaching both before arriving in Australia and after arrival. Fortunately, we don’t have to teach them to cast as they can all cast into a 10 knot headwind with either hand. Consequently it is just the different techniques that will get the attention. Consequently, with the plans we have in place, we are confident that the team will do well. This will not be just a holiday for them. They will be required to work hard to achieve the best result possible. Apart from participation in the competition, another aim of the trip is to draw attention to the plight of the island ,which is at the highest point only 10 metres above sea level, if the predictions of global warming come to fruition.

If you can consider making a contribution to the fund raising effort it would be appreciated. Donations of $50-100 would assist greatly in making the trip happen with more comfort.  No amount is too small and would be gratefully accepted.

Alfie Kither, our chef for the teams stay during the 2 weeks prior to the competition, would also welcome any donations of vegetables and fruit. Any meat (mutton, venison, chicken, fish – but not road kill) would also be welcome. It doesn’t have to be butchered as he can do that. Any donations of these kinds of foods will have to be from Tassie residents because of the quarantine restrictions.

A separate ANZ account has been set up to facilitate and distribute the monies. If you are interested in helping and can contribute, donations can be made as follows:

Electronic Transfers:

Email for account details.

By Cheque:

Payable to – Nial Logan Project Marketing Pty Ltd T/A Try on Fly

Address – PO Box 5980, Stafford Heights QLD 4053

All deposits will be receipted and a newsletter on the team’s progress will be sent out. Any forthcoming commitment to assist by way of a donation, needs to be completed by 30 September 2019. If, for some reason, the team does not make it to Australia then all monies will be refunded in full.

For Information on the Championship –

Contact me by phone or email for more information

Contact: NIAL LOGAN Phone in Aust: 0417 426 282