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Report July/August 2019 Trips

Does Line Colour Really Matter? – an article on the question

Making Shrimp Eyes – using bead chain for eyes

Casting in The Wind essential techniques to overcome the effects of wind on the cast

Making a One Cast Presentation – a must skill for saltwater fly fishing

Tying Tips helpful tips for those commencing fly tying

Customising a Stripping Basket – a must have piece of equipment for wading the flats, rock fishing or walking the beach

Understanding Hauling – the theory explained and some simple ways to learn plus problem solving tips

Distance Casting – is it all that necessary

Big Game Leader – details how to construct a twisted leader for game fish

Troubleshooting the Cast – a look at how you can correct casting problems

Polaroiding – some pointers to help you develop the skill

 Roll Casting – mastering the roll cast will help in many fishing situations

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