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Report July/August 2019 Trips

The Report Villages Mid Year Aug 2018 – a summary the latest news and the Worlds Team

A Different Approach to GT Flies – alternatives to big bulky flies.

The Villages 2017 Mid Year Reportthe latest on the fishing, lodge rebuild and the World Championships

Does Line Colour Really Matter? – an article on the question

The Villages 2016 CXI Summary – an update after the July/August trip

Making Shrimp Eyes – using bead chain for eyes

Trip Report 2015 some points of interest from the 2015 trips

Casting in The Wind essential techniques to overcome the effects of wind on the cast

Making a One Cast Presentation – a must skill for saltwater fly fishing

Tying Tips helpful tips for those commencing fly tying

Customising a Stripping Basket – a must have piece of equipment for wading the flats, rock fishing or walking the beach

Understanding Hauling – the theory explained and some simple ways to learn plus problem solving tips

Distance Casting – is it all that necessary

Big Game Leader – details how to construct a twisted leader for game fish

Troubleshooting the Cast – a look at how you can correct casting problems

Polaroiding – some pointers to help you develop the skill

Weipa Checklist – handy for trip preparation to the far north

CXI Guides Trips to Tasmania – a summary of their trip to the 2012 Championships

Roll Casting – mastering the roll cast will help in many fishing situations

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