Casting Tuition


This course is designed with the beginner in mind and is a must for anyone starting out in the sport.

Many people comment that it is best to complete this course before purchasing any equipment. This way they can determine if they like fly fishing before outlaying money on gear. It also gives them an insight into what type of gear is best suited for the fishing they wish to pursue. Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase good quality fly gear that will perform well and give you many years of enjoyable fishing.

The course is divided into two parts. You can choose to do one or both parts on the same day:

PART 1 – (8am to 12pm) Contains all you need to know to get started. You’ll be shown what to look for when purchasing rods and reels to suit the particular type of fishing you intend to do, the different types of fly lines and their applications, maintenance of your equipment, how to set up the gear and the knots to use as well as coaching on the basics of casting.

The lunch break 12 – 1 provides an opportunity to discuss the different fly patterns and selection for the species you are targeting.

PART 2 – (1pm to 4pm) During the on-water session, you’ll learn the basic fishing skills such as the various retrieve methods, techniques for handling loose line, setting the hook and playing the fish as well as learning how to overcome the problems caused by wind and current, roll casting, increasing distance and much more.

These are not bulk courses. Numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 to ensure plenty of personal hands-on tuition.

We Provide:

The cost of $130 AUD per person for full day or ($200 AUD for a 2 member family) includes:
➡ A comprehensive manual that contains all aspects covered
➡ Rods, lines, leaders and flies
➡ An on water session during the afternoon where you learn all the practical aspects

What You Need to Bring Along:
➡ Lunch if you intend to complete the full day and drinks (we provide coffee and tea)
➡ Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and protective clothing as required.
➡ Rod, reel and floating fly line if you have them

Course Schedule

If the following dates don’t suit, call 0417 426 282 to arrange an alternative date.

 Event Location  Day/Date  Start Time  Finish Time 
 Intro Casting Part 1  Brisbane  Saturday 17/3/18  0800  1200
 Skills Casting Part 2  Brisbane  Saturday 17/3/18  1300  1700
 Intro Casting Part 1 Brisbane  Saturday 31/3/18  0800  1200
 Skills casting Part 2  Brisbane  Saturday 31/3/18  1300  1700
 Intro Casting Part 1  Brisbane  Saturday 14/4/18  0800  1200
Skills casting Part 2 Brisbane Saturday 14/4/18 1300 1700
Intro Casting Part 1 Brisbane Saturday 28/4/18 0800 1200
Skills casting Part 2 Brisbane Saturday 28/4/18 1300 1700

Tune Ups 

One-on-one lessons designed to tune up and improve casting techniques can be arranged by appointment. To arrange either phone 0417 426 282  or follow the link below.

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Take the uncertainty out of giving.
A gift for all occasions that is sure to be appreciated by any fisherperson. Take out the guesswork and avoid the problems associated with size and colour and it is far better than ties or underwear. They can be used for any of the casting or skills classes we conduct.
All you need to do is supply the recipients details and a certificate printed on quality embossed paper will be forwarded on the next business day.

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