Fly – CF (Ceel-Furr) Bongo

Hook:  Gamagatsu SL 45 (Panfish) #2 to #8, for larger versions Gamakatsu SL12s.
Thread:  Orange or salmon flat waxed
Materials:  Body – tan coloured Ceel-furr
Flash – yellow krystalflash.
Eyes – black or gold barbell
Feelers – tan sililegs or spinnerbait skirt.
Tying Steps:

1   Tie in four strands of krystalflsh over the hook point and bind to slightly around the hook bend. Trim to about the length of the hook shank.






2   Attach the barbell eyes on the hook bend.

3   Turn the hook over and tie in two rubber legs. Trim so they are margingly longer than the flash. Apply a drop of head cement to secure the eyes in position.

4   Cut a small bunch of ceal furr off the patch, hold it middle and comb out the short fibres. Attach the butts of the bunch behind the barbell eyes with a few wraps of thread. Distribute the fibres evenly on either side of the hook point.

5   Form a dubbing loop and move the bobbin to the hook eye.

6   Cut some ceal furr from the cloth backing and comb to remove the short hairs as before. Place the ceal furr in b
between the threads of the dubbing loop and distribute it evenly along the length of the loop.

NOTE: some good effects can be given to the body by adding alternate pieces of different colours. For example – for a yabbie pattern add a small piece of orange to the loop before the tan. When trimmed, the orange forms a band behind the eyes similar to that on the real thing.

7   Twist the dubbing loop to form a “brush”

8   Wind the dubbing brush around the hook shank using close but not overlapping wraps until you reach the hook eye.

9   Tie off, trim excess, whip finish and apply a little head cement to secure.

10   Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the body to the desired shape and size.

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