Fly – The Sly Butcher

Hook:  #2 to 2/0 Gamakatsu SL12S for saltwater, #2 B10s for freshwater
Thread:  flouro pink flat waxed
Bodywrap – hot pink UV estaz chenille
Wing – pink bucktail
Highlight – red krystalflash or sparkleflash
Overwing – chartreuse rabbit fur
Eyes – chartreuse recessed barbell with glow in the dark pupils

Tying Steps:

1. With the hook the right way up, lay down a base of thread for the full length of the hook shank and finish with the thread just behind the hook eye.

2. Attach the barbell eyes one and a half hook eyes widths back from the hook eye using figure of eight wraps.

3. Tie in body wrap at the hook bend and transfer thread back to hook eye.

4. Using close wraps but not overlapping, wrap body material around shank back up to the eyes, hold between the eyes, tie off and trim excess.

5. Turn the hook over.

6. Select a small clump of buckrail, hand stack to even the tips, trim the butt end so overall length is twice that of the hook. Attach behind the hook eye.

7. Double three strands of flash around thread and attach on top of the bucktail.

8. Attach a small clump of rabbit fur, build up a small head with the thread and whip finish.

9. Apply head cement sparingly to head area only. Take care not to allow it to leech back into the wing material.

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