Fly – Weedless Gurgler

Hook:  #2 -1/0 Gamakatsu B10S
Thread:  black flat waxed
Tail – black marabou
Body – estaz chenille in black or peacock
Head and Wings – black closed cell foam 3-4mm thick in colour of choice – cut to about the width of a ice cream stick and 1.5 inches (5cms) long
Legs – black and gold spinner bait skirt rubbers
 Eyes – gold 3D
Tying Steps:

1.   Lay a base of thread along the hook shank and finish with thread behind hook eye.

2.   Measure a bunch of marabou so it extends by one hook shank length past the bend, bind down back to the hook bend.

3.   Attach the end of the chenille at the hook bend and move thread to about 1cm behind the hook eye.

4.   Lay the 3 legs across the hook shank  and attach using three figure eight wraps.

5.   With the main length of the foam facing forward, attach the end 1cm behind the hook eye and bind up the the hook eye.

6.   Finish with the thread hanging one eye width behind the hook eye.
7.   Apply a little head cement to the bindings and along the length of the shank. While the cement is still wet, wrap the chenille forward to just behind the hook eye, tie off and trim excess chenille.

8.   Double the excess foam backwards and secure with thread. Whip finish and apply some head cement to secure. Increase or decrease the floatation by making the doubled section larger or smaller.

9.   Trim the foam level with hook point and cut the foam down the centre.

10.  If desired, attach the eyes and cover with a small amount of Softex or Softdip to secure.
Notes:- Vary the colour of the legs and body to suit local conditions.

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