Fly – SLF 90 Degree

Tying Instructions

slf90degree_2 Bass slf90_1
Hook:  #6 to 4/0 Mustad 90 degree Jig Hook (32746NPBLN)
Thread:  flat waxed in colour to suit body colour
Tail –  SLF
Body – silver or gold wrap
Wing –  SLF
Eyes – silver/black prismatic
Head – silicon over thread and around eyes.
Weight – .030 lead wire as required
Tying Steps

1. Lay down a base of thread from the hook eye to the bend and finish with the thread behind the eye. Add a few wraps of lead wire slightly back from the 90 degree bend and overbind with thread to secure.

2. Take a small clump of SLF and double and cut it so that it is about 2 hook shanks long. Hand stack to get a tapered shape. Tie in behind the lead so that it extends by one shank length past the bend and overwrap with thread back to the bend.

3. Tie in body wrap at the hook bend and transfer thread back to hook eye end.

4. Using close wraps but not overlapping, wrap body material around shank back up the hook shank, tie off and trim excess.

5. Cut off a small clump of SLF and double and cut so that it is slightly shorter than twice the length of the hook shank. Hand taper both ends by pulling some of the fibres out slightly.

6. Use three wraps of thread attach the mid point of the bunch on the bottom of the hook just behind the bend. Fold the front portion of the material back over itself and secure with a few wraps of thread. Use your thumbnail to evenly distribute the materials around bottom half of the hook shank.

7. Turn the hook over and repeat steps 5 & 6. Check that the entire shank is covered and that the materials are distributed evenly.

8. Form a neat head, whip finish and apply a drop of head cement to secure.

9. Attach the eyes and coat the entire head up to the back of the eyes with silicon. When cured, cover the area treated with silicon with clear nail polish.

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