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You may or not have heard that Australia, namely Tasmania, will be hosting the World Fly Fishing Championships in December 2019.

Malcolm Crosse, on behalf of Fly Fish Australia, is the Event Director for the event and he is well qualified to make the event a huge success as he has been involved with a number of previous World and Commonwealth Championships. He has managed to obtain permission for a team from CXI to compete as a wild card entry.

Following a similar trip by a CXI team to compete in the Commonwealth Championships a few years ago, they again see this as a great opportunity to, not only expose their representatives to the world of fly fishing, but also use the exercise as a way of bring attention to the Bone Fishing Industry of Christmas Island on which so many families of this developing county rely on. It will also provide a great platform to highlight the effect of global warming on many of the Pacific Island Nations.

The operators of The Villages Lodge on the Island have indicated that they would like to be involved and a committee has been formed to commence fund raising and complete other administrative tasks required to send a representative team comprising of guides. It has been decided that the team should consist of one senior guide and five junior guides. The selection criteria will be comprehensive to ensure that the best candidates are selected. At this point in time the team members selected are Patrick, Ben, Eketi (team captain) Kim, Menty and Tatoa. The lady on the team will be Tiima, will provide singing and dancing as well as assisting in some of the administrative tasks.

As we all know, the guides on Christmas Island are great fly fishers however none of them, apart from one individual, have ever fished for trout. As part of the preparation, the team members will have training by means of instruction and videos on the island and, in addition, have them in Tasmania 2 weeks before the competition proper for some intense on water training prior to the event.

 I am sure many of us will have enjoyed the company of the guides and benefited from their expertise on the flats on CXI. To give them the opportunity to experience life outside of Christmas Island and fish for trout would be an experience they will talk about for years to come. This was the case for the five guys who attended the Commonwealth Championships where they acquitted themselves very well all things considered. It made such an impression that they still talk about the trip.

To enable these guys to make it to Australia there is a lot of work to be done not the least of which is raising some funds to assist with their trip. We already have some sponsors for fishing equipment and clothing that they will need for the journey.

I am asking you as a person who is aware of the challenges of this small island in the middle of the Pacific if you would consider being involved in a fund raising effort to help this team compete at the World Fly Fishing Championships.

Apart from airfares, it will cost approximately $4,500.00 per angler to travel and be involved in the event (team consists of 5 anglers plus a captain/reserve) and whilst it would be great to think that a club or some individual out there could sponsor one of the guides, but if a lot of us just donated say $100-$200 each we could make this happen.  This amount is, in most cases, about equivalent to what would be spent on a night out at a restaurant here in Australia. No amount is too small and would be gratefully accepted and assist greatly.

A separate ANZ account has been set up to facilitate and distribute the monies. If you are interested in helping and can contribute, donations can be made as follows:

By TT: Send a short email to – with your contact details  to obtain the bank Account details.

By Cheque: Payable to – Nial Logan Project Marketing Pty Ltd

                        Address – PO Box 5980, Stafford Heights QLD 4053

All deposits will be receipted and a newsletter on the team’s progress will be sent out. The cut off date for the decision to go ahead with the organisation of the trip for the guys is the 30th of November 2018. Any forthcoming commitment to assist by way of a donation, needs to be completed by that date. If the financial target is not reached and the team does not make it to Australia then all monies will be refunded in full.

Donations in excess of $250 will receive a CXI fishing shirt

For those of you who would like to know more about the event all the details are on and click on Competitions and then 2019 Championships

Nial Logan

Trip Co-ordinator

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