Team Sponsors and Supporters

Equipment Sponsors

 Provider of waders, boots and vests

Provider of a selection of tournament suitable rods

Supplier of Presentation Flies for Auction 

Provider of eyewear

Provider of team uniforms, cool weather clothing, 15 reels, 25 flylines and terminal tackle

Provider of team fishing shirts

Team Supporters by Donations of Cash and Flies

 Wayne Manion (Sponsor of one of the team members), B Freier, L Veltman, J Kaufman, C Beech, B Hardie, P Prideaux, C Scott, A Saarinen (Finland), R Schrueder, C Bowen,  T Christie, J Holmes a Court, M Nowak (USA), J Lomas, M Herron, P Brennan, G Duff, A Saarinen, C Merriman, Tobias Hellman, R Bradford (Canada), G Fane,  Brisbane Fly Fishing Club, D Prestwich, J Borg, D Falconer, T Kempton, D Leathwick, C Smith, T Clarke, M Coles, Mallard and Claret Fly Fishing Club, D Ashton, K Matsuda, J Cochrane, S Lennard, B Thorbecke, D Little, C Miley, Thuy Tran (USA),

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