Update 2 on Team Kiribati Trip to the WFFC

The team arrived in Launceston last Saturday, checked into the Hotel Grand Chancellor where they would be staying until the 9th December before returning to CXI. A parade through Launceston was followed by an opening ceremony. The tradition fishing hats gained a lot of attention and they looked sharp in the uniform. A proud moment when the team was presented to the public

The country names were carried by students from St Pats and Mason who carried the Kiribati name plate was given a hat as a to-ken of appreciation. He was over the moon and was the centre of attention with his fellow students. Hope he doesn’t wear it to school and it would not be approved school uniform.

Sunday was taken up with competition briefings and finding out where the individuals would fish on Monday…..either one of 2 rivers on foot or 3 lakes out of boats. Once this information was available, it was a late night preparing the gear and flies specific for each location.
Monday dawned with horrific conditions for the 3 lakes located in the central highlands. Snow, sleet, rain and small hail were all encountered. Below is a photo taken at one of the venues.

Needless to say, they were cold when they returned back to Launceston and a hot shower was the order of the day. The 2 members who fished the rivers had better conditions but the wind chill was still a big factor.
Given the conditions, the team did well considering that they just started trout fishing 2 weeks ago and couldn’t tell the difference between an nymph and a wet and thought a shrek was something from a cartoon movie and an emerger was who knows what.

Team position is #22 just ahead of Wales.
Menty—caught 4 fish in the conditions above and stands at #48
Beia—I think was still shivering this morning caught 2 fish (one cracker in Penstock) is #82
TK—had shocking luck and dropped 4 fish so blanked out.
Eketi— caught 2 fish in the river and is #88
Taatoa—(Now called Mr T) caught 1 fishing the river and is #103

Tuesday—They fish different locations today but the weather conditions are the same if not worse. The extensive preparation for the trip to take into account the potential conditions was well worth the expense. Even though they had 2 weeks in the high country to get used to the cold yesterday came as a shock to a couple of the members who didn’t heed the advice about layering to combat the cold. A valuable lesson was learned and they headed off today well rugged up.

For Information on the Championship – https://www.wffc2019.com
Contact: NIAL LOGAN Phone in Aust: 0417 426 282
Email: niall@learntoflyfish.net Web: www.learntoflyfish.net

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